Basics of RGB and CMYK for printing at home

In the world of home ink jet color printing, there is some confusion concerning CMYK color and RGB color. Many photo enthusiasts don’t realize what kind of color space their digital cameras output and are confused when it comes to printing images off of their home ink jet printers. They hit print and wonder why the printed image looks different from what they see on their monitor.


Tips To Creating A Professional Looking Photo Montage or Picture Slideshow

Are you one of those people that love creating photo video slideshows, or photo montages, from your most cherished photos? And do you ever wonder why your slideshow seems so bland compared to other professional looking photo slideshows? There are no hidden secrets to creating dynamic and interesting photo slideshows. By following just a few simple steps, you can be on your way to creating dynamic and professional looking photo montages from your favorite photos.


The Basics Of Monitor Resolution Simplified

Many people who use computers are confused about how resolution works. I hear it all the time from even experienced computer users. Monitor resolution is not a confusing topic if you understand the basics. I hope the following information will give you a better understanding of how resolution on a monitor actually works.